If you ask us directly, it would be a little bit of a task to explain in words why this blog is called 'Pilelo-Ho'. Colloquial as it may sound, it is the ultimate essence of what we do. The bridge that Pilelo and Ho make between us (that is, Magic Bus mentors) and our participants (the children and youth on our programme) is the very foundation of our existence and being.

We work with the children and youth. Pilelo (pronounced pi-lay-lo) and Ho (pronounced ho) is a language understood by each one of us at Magic Bus - a code, that gets deciphered in a moment.

Visit a Magic Bus session for once. The mentor who is the leader among that bunch of children, throws a adrenaline-packed Pilelo at the them, securing their complete attention. The children, who are ready for the session, testify their engagement by responding with a Ho - The activity based learning session begins!

At any fresh moment in the game - where a new activity is introduced, or the energy levels are, sort of, going down or the mentor needs to call upon some action - Pilelo and Ho do the trick. It's a language that we all know.