Wednesday, February 22

Cricket-ness, And More

"Have you ever been smiled at by a random kid on the street, in a way that would brighten up not just one day but days? I was, by about 50 of them, together", says Rashi Jamuar as she puts up her first post on the Magic Bus blog. Pilelo!

Monday, February 13

Dharavi Girl Sees A Chance To London Olympics 2012

Mumbai, India: All she needs is a few clicks from you and those in your networks. Gulafsha, who has been on the Magic Bus programme for a long time now, is participating in the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy (JFSLA) contest.

Tuesday, February 7

Marks And Magic

Magic Bus got rewarded as NDTV's Marks for Sports campaign came to a glorious close in New Delhi on Sunday